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Overview of Our Services

Below you will find a short overview of the case types we get to deal with daily.


You can also turn to us in other matters not specifically listed here as we work in almost all fields of civil law.

Flight cancellations and delays

We have a great experience in collecting compensation granted by EU regulations in case of flight cancellation, long delay or denied boarding. You may be eligible to a minimum of EUR 250 up to EUR 600 per passenger.

Send us your case and we will estimate the chances of collection for free. If we think there is a good chance of collection and you decide to go on with us, we will work on a pure contingency fee (no collection - no fee) basis.

Setting up your business

With well over a hundred company registrations we do every year we will help you throughout these matters whether it is establishing your new company in Hungary, acquiring shares in an existing one or changing of some registration data.


From small investments to corporate M&A's our colleagues will be able to assist and guide you through the entire process and work with accountants and auditors whenever necessary.

Real estate transactions

As most Hungarian lawyers do we too deal with real estate transactions on a daily basis since our beginnings.

Securing the safety of title acquisition and providing clear explanation throughout the entire transactions are our mission.

We represent buyers and sellers, will help you with renting, real estate disputes, inheritance, setting up a construction project, or literally help you with anything that can relate to real estates in Hungary.

Debt collection

Hungarian debtors may not be the best and tend to easily 'subordinate' their obligations towards foreign debtors.

When they do not respond or fulfill to dunning letters we can step in and, if the debtor has assets to collect from, we will use our best practices to collect your capital and interest. We work with small claims too.


Whenever a passed away relative has had assets in Hungary, at least a part of the inheritance procedure will take place in Hungary.

We will help you with secure and register the succeeded assets, help you sell or utilize real estates and represent you in front of authorities. On request we may also provide full service and help you with administrative arrangement of funerals, etc.

Civil law matters

With more than 30 years of experience behind us we cannot list all areas that we work in.

You can turn to us with literally any questions or problems in civil law.

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